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Binocular / Trinocular Polarizing Light Microscope

Binocular / Trinocular Polarizing Light Microscope

  • High Light

    student compound microscope


    highest magnification microscope

  • Application
  • Certification
  • Drawtube
  • Illumination
  • Magnification
    40x - 1000x
  • Theory
    Polarizing Light Microscope
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE, Rohs
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 pc
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Carton Packing, For Export Transportation
  • Delivery Time
    5~20 Days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, West Union, Paypal
  • Supply Ability
    5000 pcs/ Month

Binocular / Trinocular Polarizing Light Microscope


Binocular / Trinocular Polarizing Light Microscope 1000x A15.0901




★Infinity Corrected Optical System
--The Infinity Corrected Optical System design has corrected chromatic aberration on the base traditonal optical system, A significant development in optical performance and versatility.
--The Infinity Corrected Optical System has been designed to fit different accessories according to customers requirements, including dark filed, phase contrast accessories, polarizing kits, and fluorescence light etc.
★ Microscope Stand
This series microscope can be optimal integrates and maximum expandability as fully functions.
Shapely configuration, furthermore, the Stand ensured the stability of the microscope. This Series is handled more comfortable because of the Ergonomic design.
Ergonomic design has made this cope comfortable with the manner in which you working. The focusing controls and the brightness controls are greatly improved the comfort for the user





Optical Color corrected infinity optical system
Head Compensation free binocular head
Compensation free trinocular head  
Eyepiece PL10X/22mm high eye-point plan eyepiece each with eye-cup
Objective Infinity plan achromatic objective 4X
Infinity plan achromatic objective 10X
Infinity plan achromatic objective 20X
Infinity plan achromatic objective 40X
Infinity plan achromatic objective 100X
Nosepiece Reversed quintuple nosepiece
Condenser N.A1.2/0.22 swing achromatic conderser
Illumination Build-in koehler illuminator systems.6V 30W halogen bulb(Philips 5761), adjustable brightness
Stage 175*145mm mechanical stage,moving range:75*50mm
Focusing Lowness coaxial focus system with tension adjustment,with up-limited. Stage range: 25mm, precision0.002mm
Filter Blue filter Φ 45
Stand Ergonomic design, the inverted"Y" support in the back of the microscope provides extra lateral stability
Optional Accessories
Item No.
Eyepiece Plan eyepiece 10x(with reticle) EP10X22r
Plan eyepiece 16x/16mm EP16X16
Objective Plan achromatic objective 4x OP4
Plan achromatic objective 10x OP10
Plan achromatic objective 20x OP20
Plan achromatic objective 40xs OP40
Plan achromatic objective 100xs OP100
Infinity Plan phase contrast objective P10x XY-PPCI10
Infinity Plan phase contrast objective P20x XY-PPCI20
Infinity Plan phase contrast objective P40xs XY-PPCI40
Infinity Plan phase contrast objective P100xs XY-PPCI100
Plan phase contrast objective P10x XY-PPC10
Plan phase contrast objective P20x XY-PPC20
Plan phase contrast objective P40xs XY-PPC40
Plan phase contrast objective P100xs XY-PPC100
Nosepiece Reversed quadruple nosepiece XY-NPI4
Condenser N.A.1.25 five holes phase contrast condenser(Infinity) XY-PCI
N.A.1.25 five holes phase contrast condenser XY-PC
Filter Green filter XY-FCG
Yelllow filter XY-FCY
Netural filter XY-FCF
Dark Field Condenser Dark Field Condenser(Dry)N.A.0.9 XY-DDC
Dark Field Condenser(Immersion)N.A.1.25 XY-WDC
TV Adapter 0.5X XY-XTV0.5
0.35X XY-XTV0.35
Polarizing Attachment Polarizer,Analyser,Rotatable round machanical stage XS-PGFJ
Fluorescent Attachment Epi-fluorescent illumination(100W mercury lamp),fluorescent power,B,G,U,V XY-YGFJ


Binocular / Trinocular Polarizing Light Microscope 0