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Infinity  Trinocular Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope DIC Bright Field  A19.0204

Infinity Trinocular Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope DIC Bright Field A19.0204

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    phase contrast light microscope


    phase contrast microscopes

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    Phase Contrast Microscope
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    DIC Contrast Objective
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    1 pc
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    FOB $1~1000, Depend on Order Quantity
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Infinity Trinocular Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope DIC Bright Field A19.0204

Infinity  Trinocular DIC Bright Field Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope A19.0204


A19.0204 Inverted DIC Contrast Microscope, Newly Designed in 2014.

It is new type of multi-functional optical instrument. It is designed with fasion outlook and convenience operation. The phase contrast device can be attached to the light path to perform transmitted pahse contrast microscopic observation, such as phase contrast, modulation contrast, and bright field view. This unit is suitable for the microscopic observation of cells, tissues and clear liquid tissues, and the dynamic microsopic observation fo tissues cultured ina culture dish. It is applicable to scientific research institutions, colleges, and universities, medical and health, inspection and quarantine agencies, agricultural, animal husbandry and dairy industries.

DIC Contrastequiped with high quality DIC objectives, and split DIC slide to divid polarizing light into O/E lights, after transmit the object, combine the O/E light with small optical path difference to creat interfered image, make high contrast, 3-D images under microscope. 

--DIC Contrast, With DIC objective, DIC Split Slide, DIC Combine Slide 
--Long Working Distance Condenser For DIC Observation 
--Three Culture Dish Holder For Different Size Culture Dish 
--Photo Adapter On Left Side Of Main Body, 100% Light Pass For Low Light Photography Condition


A19.0204 Inverted Modulation Contrast Microscope, DIC
Magnification Total 100~400x
System Infinity Optical System
Mechanical Tube Length : ∝
Conjugate Distance: ∝
Trinocular Head, 45° Inclined, Interpupillary Distance 53~75mm

WF10x/22mm Wide Field, Eyepiece Tube Dia. 30mm, Parfocal Distance 10mm

Centering Telescope Eyepiece 10x
Nosepiece Quintuple
Objective LWD Infinity Plan Bright Field Objective
10x/0.25, W.D. 4.3mm, Cover Glass Thickness 1.2mm
DIC Contrast Objective
10x/0.25, W.D.20.2, No Cover Glass 
20x/0.35, W.D.6.0, Cover Glass Thickness 0mm
20x/0.40, W.D.8.0, Cover Glass Thickness 1.2mm
40x/0.60, W.D.3.5 , Cover Glass Thickness 1.2mm
For DIC Contrast View, To Check No Cover Glass or Thin Cover Glass Slide, Culture Dish Object Transmit Observation
Working Stage Mechanical Stage 227*208mm, Glass Round Stage Dia. 118mm, Moving Range 77*134.5mm, Moving Stage Detachable
Culture Dish Holder 1, 86mm (W)*129.5 (L), For Circular Culture Dish Dia.87.5mm
Culture Dish Holder 2, 34mm (W)*77.5 (L), For Circular Culture Dish Dia.68.5mm
Culture Dish Holder 3, 57mm (W)*82mm (L)
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus Knob, With Tension Adjustable And Limit Stopper, Minimum Division 0.002mm
Condenser Long Working Distance 55mm, N.A. 0.3.For DIC Contrast View
Light Source High Light 5W LED White, Input 3.9~3.0V , Brightness Adjustable
Optional Accessories
Adapter CCD Adapter 0.5x A55.0202-04
Digital SLR Camera Adapter for Canon EF Series A55.0204-02



Infinity  Trinocular Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope DIC Bright Field  A19.0204 0