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Laboratory APO Fluorescence Microscope with Digital Head , 5.0M Camera A16.0909

Laboratory APO Fluorescence Microscope with Digital Head , 5.0M Camera A16.0909

  • High Light

    epi-fluorescence microscope


    inverted fluorescence microscope

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    CE, Rohs
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    1 pc
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    Carton Packing, For Export Transportation
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    5~20 Days
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    5000 pcs/ Month

Laboratory APO Fluorescence Microscope with Digital Head , 5.0M Camera A16.0909


Laboratory APO Fluorescence Microscope with Digital Head , 5.0M Camera





■5.0M Camera Built-in Digital Head, USB2.0 Output
■Infinity color corrected optical system, new upgraded Koehler illumination system, presents a clear & bright micro-image under each magnification.
■ Fire-new ergonomic design, steady system structure, easy operation, is suitable for various working environments.
■"Building blocks" design for combining multiple functions, fluorescence, phase contrast, polarizing, dark field attachments can be assembled on the basis of bright field observation.
■Widely apply to clinical diagnosis, teaching experiment, pathological test and other micro-fields.





Digital Fluorescence Microscope, APO A16.0909 A16.0909-C
Optical system Infinity Color Corrected Optical System
Digital Camera 1.4M CCD Digital Camera, SONY 2/3" ICX285AQ, USB2.0 Output. o  
1.4M Cold CCD Digital Camera, SONY 2/3" ICX285AQ, USB2.0 Output.   o
Head Compensation trinocular head, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable, interpupillary distance 54-75mm;splitting ratio R:T=100:0 or 0:100; diopter +/-5 adjustable.
Eyepiece High Eye-point Wide Field Plan Eyepiece PL10x22mm, Reticle Can Be Assembled.
Objective Infinity Plan Semi-Apochromatic Ffluorescence Objectives 4x/0.13, WD=15.13mm
10x/0.3, WD=8.53mm
20x/0.5, WD=2.33mm
40x/0.75 (Spring), WD=0.55mm
100x /1.3(Spring, Oil ), WD=0.21mm
Nosepiece 5 Holes Revolving Nosepiece, Inward
Focusing Coaxial Focus System With Upper Limited And Tension Adjustment; Coarse Range: 25mm; Fine Precision: 0.002mm; Focus Height Adjustable.
Stage 175x145mm Double Layer mechanical Stage, Rotatable; With Special Ffabrication Processing, Anti-corrosive And Anti-friction; X,Y Moving Hand Wheel Swithable to Right or Left Hand; Moving Range: 76x50mm, Precision : 0.1mm.
Condenser N.A.1.2/0.22 Swing-out Type Achromatic Condenser
Light Source 6V/30W Halogen, Pre-centered, Intensity Adjustable.
Filter Blue Filter, Dia.45mm
Attenuation Plate, Transmission 25%
Photo Eyepiece PK Mount or MD Mount with 3.2X Eyepiece tube
Reflected Fluorescence System 6-Holes Disc Reflected Fluorensent Illumination
Mercury Lamp House 100W/DC
Mercury Lamp Power 100V-240V AC With Indicator Display
Eye Protecting Board
HBO Ultra Hi-Voltage Spherical Mercury Lamp 100W/DC OSRAM
Fluorescence Filter System B
Fluorescence Filter System G
Fluorescence Filter System UV
Oil Immersion Oil 30ml, Fluorensent Free
Optional Accessories
Eyepiece High Eye-point PL10x/22mm with Micrometer, Diopter Adjustable A51.0905-1022R
High Eye-point PL15x/16mm A51.0903-1516
Phase Contrast Attachement Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objectives 10X,WD=4.70mm A5C.0937-10
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objectives 20X,WD=1.75mm A5C.0937-20
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objectives 40X,WD=0.72mm A5C.0937-40
Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objectives 100X,WD=0.15mm A5C.0937-100
N.A.1.25 Five Holes Phase Contrast Condenser (Infinity) A5C.0912-PCI
Centering Telescope A5C.0910-30
Polarizing Attachment Polarizer (ø45), Can Be Out Of Light Path. A5P.0923-P
Analyzer 360° Rrotatable,Can Be Out Of Light Path. A5P.0923-A
λ Slide A5P.0923-C1
Rotatable Working Stage A5P.0923-RW
Dark Field Condenser N.A.0.9 Dry A5D.0912-D
N.A.1.25 Immersion A5D.0912-W
Fluorescence Fluorescence Filter System V A5F.0923-V1
Filter Yellow Filter, Dia.45mm A56.0935-XYY
Green Filter, Dia.45mm A56.0935-XYG
Netural Filter, Dia.45mm A56.0935-XYG
Attenuation Plate, Transmission 25% A5F.0925-50R
CCD Adapter 1x C-Mount, Focus Adjustable A55.0926-10
0.50x, For 1/2” C-Mount, Focus Adjustable A55.0926-50
0.67x, For 2/3” C-Mount, Focus Adjustable A55.0926-67